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First Images of ‘DUNE’ Surface

Do you miss Game of Thrones (when it was good)? Do you miss Star Wars? Do you have no idea what the F*** Dune is? Well gather around because we have some stuff to talk to about! What is it?: Dune is the OG sci-fi story written by author Frank Herbert and published back in 1965. It follows the young Paul of House Atreides (yes, there’s some house drama in this as well) as he and his family are relocated to the desert planet of Arrakis to oversee the mining efforts of an invaluable commodity known as the spice melange. The issue? This planet is DRY, infested with giant sand-worms that guard the spice deposits, inhabited by a (potentially?) hostile  warrior civilization known as the Freman, and oh, yes, the whole thing is likely a plot to have Paul and his family killed. Yes, this s*** is a setup. What seems like a spoiler for the book is actually just a very basic layout of where the story picks up. In truth the over 800 …

Spider-Man Deal Reached: Two More Films for Disney/Sony

Some prematurely mourned the death of Spider-Man in the MCU while the rest of us knew Disney was tied by the balls the entire time. Sure, the House of Mouse might be a juggernaut, but when it came to the Spider-Man property- they were too deep in not to fold to Sony’s demands; Far From Home established Peter Parker as a central piece of the MCU moving forward, Disney has launched a Marvel park with Spider-Man rides, and ultimately Sony still holds control of the IP. Now, the new peace established only secures TWO more films with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. He will star in the third solo film that will release in 2021, which will likely conclude his personal trilogy. Also, he will star in one more crossover MCU film. Now, we have the ENTIRE slate of projects for Marvel Phase 4. Therefore, it is unlikely we will be seeing him in one of the upcoming films and will rather appear in phase 5. With this all but confirmed, it concludes that Spider-Man 3 will …

Episode 33 – The Boys On The Couch

Welcome back folks, come join us on the couch! Today we come in discussing 2 of our favorite tv shows out right now. First we break down the HBO hit show ‘Euphoria’ by dissecting our favorite characters and scenes of the season fo far. We then discuss the first 4 episodes and give our takes on the brand new Amazon Prime show, ‘The Boys’ (@ 0:37:00). We then end the show with Angelo giving his quick review of the movie ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’.

Episode 31 – Pods Unknown

Welcome back to the couch everyone! The boys are here and we got an episode full of good TV and movie stuff. We start with our official reviews and scores for Pixar’s ‘Toy Story 4’ @ 0:04:50! We then review a couple Netflix movies including the new Adam Sandler movie ‘Murder Mystery’ @ 0:43:50. We then end the episode reviewing the first episode of HBO’s new show ‘Euphoria’ starring Zendaya @ 0:57:50. Join us for all that and MUCH more!

The Blues and Pinks of HBO’s “Euphoria”

Well that was heavy! I just finished the pilot episode for HBO’s next (great?) television series, Euphoria. Staring Zendaya, in what might be her strongest role yet, the series focuses around her character, Rue, as she goes through drug addiction and the rollercoaster of adolescence. Is it the next Degrassi? Am I finally that old where I’m asking, “is this what kids are really up to these days?” I’m not sure! I would say the show has elements of Degrassi meets Thirteen Reasons Why meets Skins. Do I like the show? Yeah! It’s heavy as F***, but it’s good. Let’s look at some highlights. Rue:  Zendaya is a star. Period. Her actions as Rue would cause anyone to judge or maybe even hate her. Yet, she plays the character from such a fragile place that you don’t root against her at any point. At least not in this premiere episode…fingers crossed we don’t. Yes, the bike crashing montage was HILARIOUS. Her face after Jules’ moment in the kitchen was a tension breaker for sure. Zandaya brings …