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Episode 67 – Toxicity Report

Welcome BACK to the couch. After a week of seeing the twitterverse AFLAME with the Jada and Will drama, we decided to give our two cents on the entire ENTANGLEMENT. As we are a film and television podcast we figured this was a fantastic opportunity to segue into an episode all about movies highlighting toxic relationships because- why not? Join us as we discuss 500 Days of Summer (2009) starring Joseph Gordon Levitt and Zooey Deschanel (0:22:45), The Breakup (2006) starring Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn (0:43:00), and a cinema classic Gone With the Wind (1939) starring Vivien Lee and Clark Gable (01:03:30). Join us for that and much more!

Episode 65 – IndePODence Day

The boys are BACK for the 4 of JULY shenanigans! On this weeks episode we are giving an ode to our wonderful US of A! Join us on the couch as Rom gives us a review of the HBO mini series ‘John Adams’ (0:05:45) and then a deep discussion and review of the movie ‘Independence Day’ starring Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum (0:14:00). We end the show discussing some of the latest tv/movie news including the DC comic event ‘Fandome’ (1:03:25) and then the recent rumors about the Star Wars universe possibly removing the latest 3 movies from canon! (1:06:00) All that and much more! Stream the episode on Spotify below, Apple Podcasts, or Google Podcasts.

‘Aladdin’ Review

OK. I needed to give myself a few days to really make up my mind on how I felt about this one… After much thinking… I like it. GOOD Jasmine: Let’s start with the MVP of this film. Naomi Scott as Jasmine steals the show.  Her costumes, her delivery, her original song- she nails it all. We have seen with previous live-action Disney adaptations the moves to modernize the female characters. Jasmine is no different for this movie. It wasn’t until seeing Naomi Scott’s performance that I realized how crappy Jasmine’s role was in the original? She is the legitimate child of the sultan but she has no claim to the throne! She has to marry a prince of a foreign land so HE can rule Agrabah. The F#$@#% is that?! This Jasmine has more ambition than just the idea of her freedom to choose. She wants to do right by the people of her city and she wants to rule because it’s, well, her right! I was skeptical about the original song, but I think …

Art Spotlight – Xi Ding

Caricature art is something that’s always intriguing, as it can be done so quickly and so effectively depending on the artist. For this weeks Art Spotlight, we would love to showcase the work of award-winning Caricature artist, Xi Ding based in Austria. Not only is he spectacular at getting the details and features of those that he is drawing, but he does it at an incredible speed. According to his website, he can draw caricatures for up to 120 people throughout the course of one evening event! That’s serious skill. What drew our attention to him though, was his work on characters from popular movies and television shows. Check out his website here, and some of our favorite pieces below!

Episode 19 – M Night Shazamalon

Sup everyone! We are here and we got some good conversation for you today. We’re watching ‘Naked and Afraid’ and getting ourselves into the reviews of the highly anticipated movies ‘Us’ and ‘Shazam!’. We were able to get an early screening of Shazam so we go into the without trying to spoil too much. We got all that and much more, so get comfortable.