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Episode 52 – Let’s Play A Game

Another week and another episode! Join us this week as we discuss the final Oscar nominee (we could get to since we ran out of time) Sam Mendes’ ‘1917′ (0:08:00). Also, though it’s quite literally been THREE months since the damn thing hit theaters, stick around as Fico and Rom gives their extremely overdue thoughts on ‘Knives Out’ (0:28:40). We then review the beginning few episodes of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ and ‘Avenue 5′ on HBO, as well as some new trailers that dropped this week. Of course we couldn’t wrap up the show without touching on the Super Bowl Halftime show (1:03:50). All that and much more!

Episode 26 – Down Town Material

Welcome back to the couch everyone! We’re here watching some tv, discussing the latest and greatest from this past week in entertainment. Right off the bat we get into the ‘big’ finale of Game of Thrones @ 0:02:00, as well as give our final thoughts on how they closed out the season overall. @ 0:41:45 we switch gears and give our thoughts on the new Batman casting and then @ 0:53:00 we start discussing all the latest trailer drops from the past week. We finish the episode explaining the arrival of AEW (All Elite Wrestling) and what it means for the WWE @ 01:09:10, plus much much more!

‘Dark Phoenix’ Final Trailer- Oh Boy…

Fox Studios dropped the FINAL trailer for Dark Phoenix yesterday and, well, it is what it is? I do not understand how you can F%##$ up an iconic and legendary comic story such as this. Well, even more mind boggling is how you can goof it twice! I wanted to give this movie the benefit of the doubt. After all, I have been a fan of other non-accurate adaptations of this franchise in the past! Maybe it’s the total flop that was Apocalypse,  maybe it was the completion of the Disney/Fox deal, or maybe it was those damn cheap looking costumes shown in the first trailer, I don’t know! I just know that rather than anger or disapproval of what I have seen I actually just do not care. Seeing the final trailer yesterday gave me no emotions. I saw what I saw and went back to my bagel without another thought. In my opinion, this is worse than hating something. We all know of movies so bad that we love them! However, this looks …

Episode 21 – Joker Meets World

Welcome to season 3 of the 17 Waverly Podcast! Join us today as we get to the nitty gritty of some of the recent trailers that dropped. We are watching ‘Boy Meets World’ today while we start the show discussing a bit of nostalgia, as we usually do. We then get really into the ‘Joker’ trailer *@ 11:00* and then we have another good discussion about the new ‘Lion King’ remake trailer *@ 29:35*. Rom and Angelo get into a review of the Netflix original movie about the Motley Crew titled ‘The Dirt’ *@ 48:35*, and then we finish off with a quick review of the Stephen King film ‘Pet Sematary’ *@ 57:45*.

Episode 18 – One Captain At A time

Welcome, welcome all. The couch crew is here again and we’ve got a good review for you today. We are watching ‘Leprechaun: Returns’ and discussing the latest in TV and Movies. In today’s episode, we give y’all a lengthy review of ‘Captain Marvel’ as well as a good dissection of the recent trailers to drop, like ‘Avengers: Endgame’ and ‘Aladdin’. Join us for all that and more!