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Episode 56 – The Quarantine Pod

So take a pinch of our usual inconsistency and a gallon of pandemic and you have our most recent excuse for the hiatus! However, we are finally back on the couch in the midst of this nonsense to do our best to provide an hour of distraction – and fail. Join us as we panic with you about this virus, discuss a few of our favorite apocalypse films (0:26:30), the hilarious Netflix reality show ‘the Circle’ (0:43:00), Disney’s ‘Onward’ review (0:51:45), and then closing with a few recommendations for what to watch while you are all stuck at home! Joins us for all that and much more!

Episode 31 – Pods Unknown

Welcome back to the couch everyone! The boys are here and we got an episode full of good TV and movie stuff. We start with our official reviews and scores for Pixar’s ‘Toy Story 4’ @ 0:04:50! We then review a couple Netflix movies including the new Adam Sandler movie ‘Murder Mystery’ @ 0:43:50. We then end the episode reviewing the first episode of HBO’s new show ‘Euphoria’ starring Zendaya @ 0:57:50. Join us for all that and MUCH more!

‘Toy Story 4’ SPOILER Review

We just finished the latest (and I hope final) installment in the Toy Story franchise.  I don’t want to review this movie as the usual “good vs bad.” The movie is solid. I have only one tiny complaint and I’ll express that later. For now, I want to focus on the metaphor’s of the film. This movie brilliantly serves as a kids movie and at the very same time is a film entirely for adults. The cohesion between the two was mind-blowing. Buzz: In Toy Story 3 he felt very much like a supporting character and even though he got more screen time than the rest of the toys in this film, it still felt like that was his role here. Quite frankly I was a little upset that other toys didn’t have bigger roles considering this was the last film! Alas, I understand there is only so much time and there’s a story to tell. Anyway, though not to do with the love element (even though it can apply to some extent) Buzz’s plot …

Six Times Pixar Screwed Us UP

It was announced yesterday that Disney Pixar would not have just one but TWO films releasing in 2020. Unlike their recent streak of films, both projects will be complete originals. The first, Onward, will release in March of 2020 while the second, Soul, does not yet have a release date. What we DO have is the official logo for the film (seen above) as well as a description that reads: “Ever wonder where your passion, your dreams and your interests come from? What is it that makes you… YOU? In 2020, Pixar Animation Studios takes you on a journey from the streets of New York City to the cosmic realms to discover the answers to life’s most important questions.” …..What the F*** Pixar! For F***** sake! Is it just me or does every Pixar project feel more and more like a kids movie trojan-horse REALLY designed to expose you to the dark elements of mortality! Need some examples? Here we go. Up: On a flight to Venezuela I decided to play this little number because I heard the dream of …

‘Toy Story’ 4 Final Trailer

Pixar has released the final trailer for Toy Story 4! Thoughts? Bow Peep: This may be Bow Peep by name but everything else seems different about her. Of course, we have to take into consideration culture back in 1995 and where we are now in 2019 (nine years since Toy Story 3, wtf). Nothing wrong with evolution of a character, but I’m hoping there will still be some space for that cute Woody and Bow chemistry that we got back in the 90’s. It’s also exciting to see her front and center!  She was ultimately a side character in the first two films and was presumed dead in the third! I understood when this film was announced that it would be very much a love story for Woody and her and I’m really hoping that is still the case. Beautiful: Visually this movie is so stunning that it’s scary. The clip in the rain and the visual of that cat walking away from the dead stuffed animal (hilariously cryptic)?. My concerns have never revolved around the idea …