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‘House of X’ #2 Reveals the Truth of Moira X

SO MANY SPOILERS AHEAD IT’S INSANE!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!! I had my chance to finish the latest issue of Jonathan Hickman’s (mind-blowing) mutant epic. Where issue #1 presented us with new elements to the present and Powers of X #1 introduced us to a new future, this week’s House of X #2 opened ten doors to a new multi-dimensional past. We we were not ready. It turns out the seemingly normal and human, Moira MacTaggert, has been a mutant this whole time! Oh, and not just THIS time but nine others! Confused? Let me explain; Moira’s mutant ability is discrete yet powerful- reincarnation. Moira has the power to be reborn and do her life over with all the knowledge and memories of her past attempts. The X-men continuity as we know it (since 1963) all form a part of her 10th attempt at life. So, let’s break down the many lives of Moira X. Life 1: This was the boring and dull normal existence of the character. She lived, got married, had some babies, had …

Episode 18 – One Captain At A time

Welcome, welcome all. The couch crew is here again and we’ve got a good review for you today. We are watching ‘Leprechaun: Returns’ and discussing the latest in TV and Movies. In today’s episode, we give y’all a lengthy review of ‘Captain Marvel’ as well as a good dissection of the recent trailers to drop, like ‘Avengers: Endgame’ and ‘Aladdin’. Join us for all that and more!