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Episode 63 – The Gaypisode Deux

Welcome back to the couch! As it is pride month we decided to, you guessed it, have our Gaypisode part deux! This week we’re taking a look at the Disney+ animated short, “Out” (0:03:50), the French film “Portrait of a Lady on Fire” (0:17:00), the 1970s film adaptation of “The Boys in the Band” (0:37:30), and lastly, trying our best to end on a light note,  we talk about  the hilarious “Bird Cage” (01:06:20) starring Robin Williams (RIP) and Nathan Lane. Download the episode: Stream the episode on Spotify below, Apple Podcasts, or Google Podcasts.

Episode 54 – The Love Pod

Welcome all you lovebirds to the LOVE pod! Valentine’s Day was recently so we decided that in honor of the holiday we would have a special episode all about ‘Amor’. We are on the couch as per usual and we are watching one of our favorite romantic comedies, ‘The Wedding Singer’. In today’s episode we get into what our favorite rom-coms are and who we think are the g.o.a.t. rom-com actors. We then spend the rest of the episode getting into our romance bag and discussing relationships and much more! 

‘Before Night Falls’ Review

We are in the final week of Pride Month and I still have some important reviews to get through! Today I want to take a look at another book/film combo with Before Night Falls.  This particular story holds a very special place in my heart for so many reasons. Not only did the memoir release in the very early 90’s, but it touched on elements of the gay experience that we don’t see expressed even now! It highlights the toxic elements of machismo, cuts into the loneliness, and daringly plays with the reader to tempt them to the idea- maybe we are all the same. Machismo: An element to every and all Latin cultures. It is so present in this memoir/film that it feels as if it’s a character. The title role of Reinaldo Arenas is given to Javier Bardem and revolves around his life in Cuba and his experiences of growing up gay in the machismo culture. Within the context of the memoir, there are many moments that come off as not just angry but …

Episode 30 – The Gaypisode

We’ve made it to episode 30! Welcome back to the couch and join us as we have our Pride episode! We start by reviewing the recent Elton John biopic ‘Rocketman’ @ 0:07:30, then we shift over to reviewing/discussing one of the recent episodes of the Netflix show ‘Black Mirror’ @ 0:31:50. In particular, the episode that we discuss is the ‘Striking Vipers’, which brings up many different topics regarding sexuality. We finish the episode discussing our thoughts of the new Taylor Swift music video @ 1:02:15, including much more!

‘Black Mirror: Striking Vipers’ Review

SO, as we are in Pride month, I decided to write a series of reviews of some of my favorite television episodes and films that not only show amazing representation, but push the conversation forward. As I was getting my list together I was surprised to find a last minute addition! With the (very short) new season of Black Mirror I found myself watching an episode that gets the gears moving for sure! ‘Striking Vipers’ has a comic-studded cast with Anthony Mackie (Falcon from the MCU), Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (Black Manta from The DCEU), Pom Klementieff (Mantis from the MCU), and Ludi Lin (Zack from the 2017 Power Rangers film/Aquaman). The story focuses on two college(?) friends who after eleven years apart reconnect through a VR fighting game called Striking Vipers.  Right out of the gates we already have a heavy macho-loaded plate; A superhero stuffed cast, a fighting video game, and a whole lot of sex. As the two jump into the simulation Karl (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) chooses a female avatar played by Klementieff while Danny …

Netflix’s ‘Special’ and My Gratitude

Early last month Netflix released a new series titled Special which follows Ryan, a gay man living with Cerebral Palsy as he navigates finding the life he wants. I have been a long preacher of wanting shows/films with homosexual leads that step away from the tragedy and/or two-dimensional fantasy fulfillment we have gotten in the past. I think the closest we have come to an honest depiction of the modern gay pursuit of happiness was HBO’s Looking which was canceled after two seasons. This project was evidently unique and its premise alone suggested I might get my wish. So, after a few episodes, what are my thoughts? Oh Let’s go… Relatable: The show opens with Ryan at physical therapy venting about his frustrations with his disability. He makes a point of how he is jealous of a man who is bound to a wheelchair for life. His reasoning is that the man falls completely under the category of “disabled.” There is no in-between to debate his condition. He expresses that in his case, he isn’t …