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Snyder Promoting Release of the ‘Ayer Cut’; Of Course He Is!

Earlier today multiple sources on twitter reported that Zach Snyder has not only voiced his support for the release of the Ayer Cut of 2016’s Suicide Squad, but that he also planned to meet with the director about it! What that meeting could specifically lead to right now is anybody’s guess, but I’m sure it will likely include some collaboration on how to push this forward. Snyder voicing his support for the Ayer Cut makes complete sense. Once upon a time the director was not only set to create his five connecting films (Man of Steel, BvS, and three Justice League films) but was also set to sit on the top to oversee the DCEU. Even though the theatrical version of Suicide Squad was far from what Ayer originally intended that the version still communicated how connected it was to the larger story Snyder was trying to tell; it opens with a discussion of a dead Superman and features Affleck’s Batman for crying out loud! We don’t want to get too cocky after fan demands …

Snyder Cut Updates; Jared Leto Returns and the Future of the Snyderverse

We have yet to receive an offical release date for Zach Snyder’s ultimate version of Justice League for HBOMax in 2021. Yet, as the announcements continue to hit the internet, my suspicions are leaning towards a Q2 release at the earliest. Back in May it seemed this thing would be a three-hour movie at best with some additional investment to complete post-production work; man is that NOT how this thing is shaping up! So what is confirmed, what’s pending, what’s rumored, and what’s not happening(for now)? Let’s talk about it! Jared Leto Returning: It was announced today that Jared Leto would indeed be reprising his role for the Snyder Cut! To what capacity would he be involved in the four-part miniseries is not confirmed, however, I think it’s safe to assume it won’t be for anything larger than a cameo appearance/one-and-done action sequence. Leto joining the project, just as reshoots have started up, nearly confirms what we’re really looking at here with this project; this isn’t a “pick up where they left off and release …

Episode 38 – Poor Jared

The episode we’ve been waiting months for is finally here! Welcome back to the couch folks where we’re chillin, watching some TV as per usual. In today’s episode we start by discussing the recently launched All Elite Wrestling weekly show @ 0:03:30 and what it means for the WWE. We then spend what feels like forever discussing Todd Phillips ‘JOKER’ @ 0:12:00 which came out last week and has brought up many discussion topics. Come join us for that and much more!

Does Todd Phillips’ ‘JOKER’ Owe Audiences a Sequel?

Though Todd Phillips has gone on record to say that his JOKER is a complete stand-alone/one-and-done film, fans might find it difficult to accept considering the insane success the movie has had at the weekend box office. The film has officially broken October box office records (dethroning last years Venom) with $93.5 million domestically and $234 million worldwide. WOW. Who said a comic book movie has to be colorful to be successful…? Now, is there enough there to build on? Oh YES. Perfect Foundation for Gotham: I understand the end of the movie is meant to create uncertainty over what in the movie was real and what was lies created by the demented mind of Arthur Fleck. We get confirmation that he made up his relationship with Sophie (that was obvious from the beginning), but his session at the end of the film makes one wonder if he was trying to insert himself into the birth of Batman (yet that would insinuate that he knows who Batman is, and we know he doesn’t nor cares to know) …

“Joker” SPOILER Review

Just got out of Todd Phillips’ Joker…Guys, honestly, this is a tough review. I can’t recall the last time I’ve had to review something that was so parallel to real issues. As I write this I know I’m going to be marinating the idea of “art vs. zeitgeist”; does the former influence the latter or vice versa.  THAT being said…Let’s get this over with. THE GOOD  Phoenix: Does Phoenix deliver as the Joker? Yes. For what little time we got to see him. I might have mentioned that something I detest about some comic book films, especially origins, is the tactic of reserving the reveal of the character (or final transformation) for the third act; sometimes even the very end of the third act. This movie seems to do that with Joker. What Phoenix portrays for the majority of the movie is a mentally ill man who never really had a chance to make anything of his life. From the very opening of the movie we get a man being beat down (literally and figuratively), and …

Art Spotlight – Xi Ding

Caricature art is something that’s always intriguing, as it can be done so quickly and so effectively depending on the artist. For this weeks Art Spotlight, we would love to showcase the work of award-winning Caricature artist, Xi Ding based in Austria. Not only is he spectacular at getting the details and features of those that he is drawing, but he does it at an incredible speed. According to his website, he can draw caricatures for up to 120 people throughout the course of one evening event! That’s serious skill. What drew our attention to him though, was his work on characters from popular movies and television shows. Check out his website here, and some of our favorite pieces below!

Art Spotlight – Ben F Jeffery

It’s always important to showcase those that have incredible talents because it’ll always help others feel inspired to create on their own. In our first ever 17 Waverly Podcast: Art Spotlight, we wanted to show our audience an artist that not only creates great work, but is also a big film and sci-fi fan. I stumbled upon this artist, Ben Jeffery, on instagram and immediately was in awe of all of his work. Using primarily acrylic and oil, he creates these stunning pieces with vivid colors and depth. As fans of many of the films and televisions shows he has created inspired pieces from, I’d love to showcase a few of our favorite ones below. Check out his website and instagram and make sure to support his work.

Why Todd Phillips’ ‘Joker’ Just Might Work

I have been the loudest voice against this movie. I have said time and time again that Warner/DC should be focusing it’s efforts on building up their heroes along with villains, set in a modern setting where crossovers can happen, and that creating a Joker movie without Batman would be against the very identity of the character. After seeing the trailer for the film last week I have to say-I may have to eat my words. The Joker himself has said it himself, he exists because of the Batman. He is completed because of the Batman. If there were no Batman it would be no fun to do the things he does. They are both products of madness. They are both products of a corrupt and fucked up world. Where one chose to do evil the other chose to defend good. They cancel each other out. Heath Ledger’s Joker said it at the end of the Nolan film- Batman will never kill the Joker because that’s a line he cannot cross and the Joker will …

Episode 21 – Joker Meets World

Welcome to season 3 of the 17 Waverly Podcast! Join us today as we get to the nitty gritty of some of the recent trailers that dropped. We are watching ‘Boy Meets World’ today while we start the show discussing a bit of nostalgia, as we usually do. We then get really into the ‘Joker’ trailer *@ 11:00* and then we have another good discussion about the new ‘Lion King’ remake trailer *@ 29:35*. Rom and Angelo get into a review of the Netflix original movie about the Motley Crew titled ‘The Dirt’ *@ 48:35*, and then we finish off with a quick review of the Stephen King film ‘Pet Sematary’ *@ 57:45*.