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Episode 37 – Righteous Hustlers

The squad is back on the couch and we’ve got another action packed episode for you. We all went and saw the movie ‘Hustlers’ so we review that @ 0:06:20 and then we go immediately into a review episode 1 of HBO’s ‘Righteous Gemstones’ @ 0:26:10. After our reviews, we get into discussing a SPOILER ‘Joker’ leak that we saw online @ 0:32:00, and the latest news in the streaming wars with the official announcement of NBC’s  ‘Peacock’ streaming service @ 0:43:15. All that and much more!


Though it wasn’t able to beat It: Chapter 2 out of it’s #1 spot at the box office, Hustlers has certainly been gaining some buzz (especially of the Oscar variety??). SO, let’s get into the good and the bad! THE GOOD No Shame: You go in thinking the film will be entirely about stripper life, but it isn’t! The film earns its title showcasing characters that are really doing what they can to make money and not only survive, but thrive. The film made a wise choice in setting up their characters in 2007, just before the financial crisis hit; we see them breakdown this culture, break down their business, and showcase how they earned their coins. Now, what could have been so easy to do in this movie was create slut-shaming characters. Destiny’s (Constance Wu) grandmother could have EASILY been made a character that looked down and judged her granddaughter for the methods she used to make her living. They could have easily created a conflict with Ramona (J Lo) and her daughter, but they …