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Episode 26 – Down Town Material

Welcome back to the couch everyone! We’re here watching some tv, discussing the latest and greatest from this past week in entertainment. Right off the bat we get into the ‘big’ finale of Game of Thrones @ 0:02:00, as well as give our final thoughts on how they closed out the season overall. @ 0:41:45 we switch gears and give our thoughts on the new Batman casting and then @ 0:53:00 we start discussing all the latest trailer drops from the past week. We finish the episode explaining the arrival of AEW (All Elite Wrestling) and what it means for the WWE @ 01:09:10, plus much much more!

‘His Dark Materials’ Heading to HBO

Directly after last night’s finale to Game of Thrones HBO decided to treat us with the trailer for its upcoming fantasy series, His Dark Materials. Is this a move to make sure subscriptions aren’t cancelled like wildfire? You bet! However, I have to say, despite this suicide-watch move, the new series looks promising! Some of you might remember back in 2007 when a little movie titled The Golden Compass hit theaters. Well, His Dark Materials will be a series based on the best selling novels by Phillip Pullman with season one focusing specifically on The Golden Compass, the first novel of the trilogy. Set in an alternate world, the soul of all humans lives outside of their bodies taking the shapes of different animals known as Daemons. In childhood these daemons can change their shape as much as they please. When a person reaches adulthood the daemon takes one final animal form and remains that way forever. The story follows our protagonist, Lyra Belacqua (Logan bad-ass, Dafne Keene) as she heads to the arctic to …

‘Game of Thrones’ Finale: Did it Deliver?

We made it folks! After eight seasons and nine years we have finally arrived at the highly anticipated Game of Thrones finale. What are the thoughts? Uh, Just Move Over?: The episode opens with a shocked Tyrion making his way into what remains of the Red Keep. He goes down into the debris filled underground where he hopes his brother and sister made their escape. Unfortunately, he finds that they have been squashed by rocks! The problem? Well, THE REST OF THE PLACE IS JUST PEACHY!? Like, Cersei and Jaime literally just had to stop their drama for twenty seconds to take a couple steps over to the right and they would have been fine. Actually, the could have done the same to the left. Also, they could have gotten under the dragon skull. They could have gone to the far end of the place closer to the entrance. You get the idea. Their death was not only lame it was so stupid considering the aftermath of the area! Either way, it is the final moment …

Episode 25 – Detective Basura

Welcome back folks, boy do we have a lot to discuss. Gab is back from his trip to Italy and Angelo is back from Vegas so we are on the couch catching up on all the latest in TV and Movies. @ 0:07:30 we start by giving our two cents on the latest 2 episodes of Game of Thrones and what we think is in store for the finale this coming week. @ 0:42:30 we get into Gab’s review of ‘Detective Pikachu’ followed by a short review of the Netflix movie about Ted Bundy ‘Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil & Vile’ by Rom @ 0:50:45. We end the show by reviewing a few recent trailer drops @ 0:56:30.

‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 Episode 5

Okay, right out of the way, let’s make clear that what follows is full of spoilers from last night’s episode. That being said, let’s F$#^## talk. The Mad Queen: It has been suspected since the beginning of the season; Daenerys Targaryan would spiral and become the mad queen. Last night after the bells rung for surrender, Daenerys, still raw in rage, made her choice. She chose revenge over justice and burned thousands of innocents alive in  Kings Landing. This is not just the biggest reveal of the season but probably the biggest reveal of the series! We have followed this character from being the insecure wife of Khal Drogo to a just liberator to the deadliest character of the show. Feelings about this are obviously mixed. For myself, I have been keeping an eye on her to see where she could cross the line and cease to be redeemable.  Obviously the burning of Kings Landing is the clear point of no return. However,  I think the moment really came at the beginning of the episode …

Episode 24 – The Long Endgame

We are finally here folks, the episode we’ve all been waiting for. The crew is back on the couch and we are reviewing the movie ‘Avengers: Endgame’ which is then followed by our review/discussion of episode 3 of this current season of ‘Game Of Thrones’ *@ 50:30*. Come join us as we discuss all the incredible entertainment we were provided this past weekend.

Art Spotlight – Ben F Jeffery

It’s always important to showcase those that have incredible talents because it’ll always help others feel inspired to create on their own. In our first ever 17 Waverly Podcast: Art Spotlight, we wanted to show our audience an artist that not only creates great work, but is also a big film and sci-fi fan. I stumbled upon this artist, Ben Jeffery, on instagram and immediately was in awe of all of his work. Using primarily acrylic and oil, he creates these stunning pieces with vivid colors and depth. As fans of many of the films and televisions shows he has created inspired pieces from, I’d love to showcase a few of our favorite ones below. Check out his website and instagram and make sure to support his work.

Episode 23 – Arya Gets Cheeks

It’s time for some more 17 Waverly ‘GoT Watch’! We are back on the couch and this time we are diving RIGHT in to a break down and discussion of the latest episode of ‘Game Of Thrones’. Episode 2 of this recent Thrones season takes us into en episode full of what we think are many goodbyes for our most favorite characters. Join us as we break down all the major scenes and give more theories for future episodes!

Game of Thrones: Season 8 Episode 2 Review

It was a slow one ya’ll, but it was filled with some good stuff! Let’s waste no time and dive into GoT WATCH! (Brian Fantana saying “Panda Watch” voice from Anchorman). Arya, okay! Do You, Girl!: The end is near. Literally, the show is almost over and all these characters know that they have little chance of surviving the battle ahead. In true GoT beauty, there is no way to predict who is safe in this thing! Sure, we can assume Jon, Dany, and Tyrion are going to make it but we’ve been wrong before, folks! No one seems more clear about the reality of death than Arya Stark who has been eyeing Gendry covered in steam and manhood! I assumed they would share a kiss; a peck. They would confess they meant a lot to each other. However, we got full blown last night on Earth F#%$&#$. I couldn’t believe it! It stole the episode, people! I know, there are so many viewers thinking that we met Arya when she was literally a child. …

Episode 22 – Throne Wars

The time has come folks, we’ve been waiting 2 years for the premiere of HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8, the FINAL season. We are back on the couch watching ‘Wife Swap’ until we get into our hefty discussion about the first episode of the Game of Thrones latest season. *@ 04:45* We try our best to give you what our thoughts are on the episode as well as all of our theories for what will happen the rest of the show until the end. We then end this episode discussing the teaser trailer that Disney dropped for ‘Star Wars – Episode IX: The Last Skywalker’. *@ 1:04:40*