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‘Downton Abbey’: Will There be More?

For a podcast and a site where I usually rant about comic related media, you may be shocked to learn that I’m a HUGE Downton-head. I f****** loved this show. It is about people cleaning and having dinner every episode and I am equally invested on my couch having a ball. Did I enjoy the film? F*** yes! It felt like one large episode that too was about cleaning and eating some good food. It worked. The audience at my theater consisted of super-fans and it was a communal experience. One of my favorite theater experiences this year. Now, I could rant about everything I loved about the film, but instead I want to dive into the likelihood of this setting off a new film franchise. Goodnight Dowager: Out of the gates I have to give all the respect on Earth to Dame Maggie Smith. Just as she did during the series run, she was easily my favorite in the movie. “I don’t argue, I explain.” Love it. However, as I lightly suspected, the film …

Episode 26 – Down Town Material

Welcome back to the couch everyone! We’re here watching some tv, discussing the latest and greatest from this past week in entertainment. Right off the bat we get into the ‘big’ finale of Game of Thrones @ 0:02:00, as well as give our final thoughts on how they closed out the season overall. @ 0:41:45 we switch gears and give our thoughts on the new Batman casting and then @ 0:53:00 we start discussing all the latest trailer drops from the past week. We finish the episode explaining the arrival of AEW (All Elite Wrestling) and what it means for the WWE @ 01:09:10, plus much much more!

‘Downton Abbey’ First Trailer

Look, this show was so good that it was really just about rich people in the past having dinner and we were hooked! Downton Abbey has to be one of my ALL TIME favorite shows. Also, worth noting, one of the greatest theme songs ever! Yes, I still often play it to get me into the mood for cleaning; it just helps get you into the scrubbing character, you know? Well today we finally got our first trailer for the upcoming film for Downton Abbey and I am very excited! What did we get from the first look? Maggie (dramatic clap) Smith (another dramatic clap): The queen of shade is back, ya’ll! The Dowager Countess is alive and well in 1927 and she is here to give us more memorable one-liners. Personal favorite? “Nothing says success like excess.”  Happy for Thomas?: One thing that was said often during the run of the series was that a full-circle happy ending for Thomas just wouldn’t be likely considering the times he was alive. Homosexuality was of course …