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17 Waverly Podcast – Comic Couch – Ep 7

We are back for another episode of Comic Couch! Though we had a different idea for this week’s episode, a certain Disney Investor Day went down and we just have to talk about it. Join us for a special one hour episode as we break down announcements from Marvel and Lucas Film; The multiverse trilogy, new Disney+ series announcements, the growing Star Wars Universe, and what these new projects could mean for the future.

17 Waverly Podcast – Comic Couch – Ep 6

Welcome back to the Comic Couch! This week we’re diving into our review of the Mandalorian Chapter 13: The Jedi. Join us on the couch as we break down Rosario Dawson’s debut as Ahsoka Tano, lightsaber lore, and discuss what might be our favorite episode of the season so far. We also wanted to make sure we gave our two-cents on the reveal of Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop, and the rumored John Boyega DCEU talks; Jason Todd?

Twenty-Three Upcoming MCU Projects- No Latino Leads; A Perfect IP to Change That

Some will roll their eyes, but as a first generation latino here in the United States I am still hoping for the superhero representation I didn’t get as a kid! By now, with the arrival of heroes such as Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, and Miles Morales I think we understand the importance of seeing ourselves reflected on the screen. To be clear, I am well aware that Miles Morales embodies a Puerto Rican experience but that is just ONE latino experience. We are multiple countries with multiple cultures, different nuances, contradictions, histories, and certainly a variety of personalities. One character alone can not encompass nor satisfy the desire for latino representation which is why more is needed. As we received amazing news today about all the upcoming projects I couldn’t help but notice that out of the TWENTY-THREE there wasn’t one with a latino lead. SO I got to brainstorming for a perfect MCU project; The Power Pack Fairly Unknown: Trolls like to complain when gender bending or race bending characters occurs. In …

17 Waverly Podcast – Comic Couch – Ep 5

What is happening on the set of  Disney’s ‘The Mandalorian’? What do the couch boys think is going to happen the rest of the season? Which new characters will we see that are tied to the Star Wars universe that we know? Who is getting cut from HBO Max #SnyderCut Justice League movie? Will HBO Max have success with ‘Wonder Woman: 1984’ release? Was last weeks Undertaker match his actual last ride? All these questions are answered and more on this weeks comic couch! 

‘X of Swords’ Chapters 9 and 10

It’s Wednesday so we have new X of Swords chapters! Unlike previous weeks we are only getting two installments this time around; Excalibur and X-Men issues #13 respetively. Excalibur: Ok, so no secret this is not my favorite book in the lineup; something about mutants and magic that have never mixed with me. I’m aware of the irony as this whole event seems to use magic as its base. However, Hickman and company have done a decent job at laying out their characters and plot so I’ve stuck around! The art in this book was superb! I really took my time going through the pages taking in the beautiful panels as well as the new reveals. Starlight Sword: I was correct! In a previous article breaking down the swords for the Krakoa champions I assumed that the Starlight Sword would go to Betsy Braddock. Out of all the blades this one is a close second next to Skybreaker for me. The design is badass and next to the new Captain Britain uniform it’s just- chef’s …

‘New Mutants’ SPOILER Review

Thanks to the power of drive-in movie theaters in upstate New York I was finally able to see the (kind of?) anticipated New Mutants. It has been a hot minute since I have been able to review anything so let’s waste no more time; the good and the bad. The GOOD 1: Actors- These are some of my favorite X-book characters, and having them brought to life on screen supplied a fair dose of nerd anxiety. After seeing the cast in the roles I have to say I was satisfied with (most of) the portrayals we got. Ana Taylor-joy as Magik was fun to watch. I think she did a fantastic job of embodying Ilyana. That being said, I don’t know how I felt about her being our stand-in villain until the real villain revealed itself. Any and every scene she appears in she makes an aggressive choice to treat Dani like trash and sprinkle dashes of racism in between. Of course there is an explenation for this down the road, I digress, but overall …

‘Young Avengers’ Will Likely be for Disney+; Here’s Why

It should come as no surprise to comic fans, who have met the cast of Young Avengers in the pages of Marvel Comics, that they indeed are on their way to live-action; the clues were everywhere! Rumor is going around that filming for the project (unknown if Disney+ or film) should start as early as 2021. Whether this will take a hit due to the pandemic is yet to be determined. My guess is that this will be a Disney+ production. Here’s why- Hulking and Wiccan. No, Young Avengers is nowhere near the fame of DC counterpart, Teen Titans. However it has had and does have a powerful cult following. A large reason for this is due to romantic couple of Hulking and Wiccan. Not only was their relationship presented in the comics as matter-of-fact from its inception but they have one of the most powerful romantic narratives in comics today. This isn’t because of their homosexuality, but because both characters have incredibly developed personal stories that enrich their pairing.  They’re not a “gay couple” but …

‘House of X’ Finale: Mutant Orgies..?

This week was the FINALE of the House of X limited series by Jonathan Hickman. Of course, the saga really concludes next week with the final issue of Powers of X, but what we have here is the final piece to understanding the new present for Marvel’s mutants. How did it all go down? Was there more mind blowing, was it game changing, and do we finally learn where the hell Moira is in all this!? Let’s get to it. Mutant F****ing is Mandatory: I will dive into the beginning of the issue later. For now I want to discuss the first meeting of the new mutant council which essentially is the first meeting of the newly established mutant government. Personally, I could have thought of some better choices for this council, but I will accept these as I’m sure the seats will be filled by others as the Hickman era (love saying that) continues. In this meeting we have the council determining the first laws of Krakoa; no mutant shall kill a human, the …