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Episode 58 – Futurology

We’re back on the couch and at this point, we have assumed that there is going to be some sort of hiatus between every episode since we have no idea what we are doing! Anyway, on this installment of the 17 Waverly Podcast we are here going into a deep discussion into Steven Spielberg’s ‘Back to the Future’ trilogy. We start the episode dissecting the 3 movies and our favorite characters/moments, then we get into a time travel style conversation and even ask what moments in time we would go back and change. We then round off our episode with some recommendations of movies like ‘Snowpiercer’, ‘Free Solo’, and ‘Ex-Machina’. All that and much more, so come join us!

Episode 57 – The Temple of Corona

What day is it? What time is it? Who knows at this point, all we know is that its time hang out on the couch for an hour and chill w us here at the 17 Waverly Pod. This week we discuss a bunch of random things as we watch the movie ‘Deep Impact’. We start by revisiting the classic ‘Indiana Jones’ movies (00:11.30), we then discussed the need for Hollywood to bring back movies with a rag tag kid cast (00:18:00), movie theaters dying and our ideas for saving them (00:43:30), and much more! 

Episode 56 – The Quarantine Pod

So take a pinch of our usual inconsistency and a gallon of pandemic and you have our most recent excuse for the hiatus! However, we are finally back on the couch in the midst of this nonsense to do our best to provide an hour of distraction – and fail. Join us as we panic with you about this virus, discuss a few of our favorite apocalypse films (0:26:30), the hilarious Netflix reality show ‘the Circle’ (0:43:00), Disney’s ‘Onward’ review (0:51:45), and then closing with a few recommendations for what to watch while you are all stuck at home! Joins us for all that and much more!

Episode 55 – Love Is NOT Blind

The gang is back and we are on the couch for episode 55 of the 17 Waverly Podcast! In today’s episode we give a deep and thorough discussion into the new Netflix reality show ‘Love is Blind’. We spend the majority of our time this week discussing each couple from the show, what makes them insane/hilarious, and finally our predictions for how they will end up by the reunion show. We finish this week’s episode by giving our thoughts on the recent images that leaked of the new Batman suit from the upcoming Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson. Come join us on the couch, you wont regret it!

Episode 54 – The Love Pod

Welcome all you lovebirds to the LOVE pod! Valentine’s Day was recently so we decided that in honor of the holiday we would have a special episode all about ‘Amor’. We are on the couch as per usual and we are watching one of our favorite romantic comedies, ‘The Wedding Singer’. In today’s episode we get into what our favorite rom-coms are and who we think are the g.o.a.t. rom-com actors. We then spend the rest of the episode getting into our romance bag and discussing relationships and much more! 

Episode 53 – The Golden Beer

Welcome back to the couch folks! We are watching the CLASSIC ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971)’ and breaking down the Academy Awards that recently took place (0:10:50). We discuss award winners (big night for Parasite), losers and even some of the speeches. We then get into a good breakdown of all of this years Razzie nominees (0:43:45) and then a review of a new Apple TV+ show called ‘Little America’ (0:50:50). We close the show by getting in our gossip bag and discussing the recent drama surrounding Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp (1:04:30), all that and much more!

Episode 52 – Let’s Play A Game

Another week and another episode! Join us this week as we discuss the final Oscar nominee (we could get to since we ran out of time) Sam Mendes’ ‘1917′ (0:08:00). Also, though it’s quite literally been THREE months since the damn thing hit theaters, stick around as Fico and Rom gives their extremely overdue thoughts on ‘Knives Out’ (0:28:40). We then review the beginning few episodes of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ and ‘Avenue 5′ on HBO, as well as some new trailers that dropped this week. Of course we couldn’t wrap up the show without touching on the Super Bowl Halftime show (1:03:50). All that and much more!

Episode 51 – Legendary Farewell

We are BACK on the couch for episode 51!  We may be a television and film podcast but it only felt right to open the show to reflect on the tragedy that took the lives of the legendary Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna, and seven other souls. While attempting to transition into usual business- This week we also want to review season 2 of Netflix’s Sex Education (00:24:45)! Do we agree with Eric’s choice between Adam and Gay Drake- I mean Rahim? How many times DO we say anal douching? What’s the deal with Maive and this new guy? We’ll give you our irrelevant takes! Next, it wouldn’t be the couch if we didn’t jump on hot topics WEEKS after they’ve become room temperature. Therefore, we dive into the three-part docu-series on Aaron Hernandez (00:40:45) and give our thoughts on that mess. Lastly, stick around as we chat about the South Korean oscar nominated film making waves; Parasite (00:59:00). Is it as good as everyone says? How does it blend comedy, drama, and suspense? Well, we’ll give …

Episode 50! – The Celebration

Pop, Pop, Pop Champagne! We did it everyone, we made it to 50 episodes here on the couch of the 17 Waverly Podcast! Today we are on the couch per usual, sippin some champagne, and watching ‘The Mask’. While we watch, we get into a long discussion about the big entertainment topic of the week, the Oscar nominations (@0:08:45). We then discuss the Razzie awards past winners (@0:32:30), and then we get into discussing season 1 of ‘Succession’ and ‘YOU’ (@0:49:30). We end the show giving a nod to Jim Carrey by discussing our top 5 Carrey movies (@1:12:30). Here’s to 50 more!