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Episode 62 – Doing The Right Thing

Here at the 17 Waverly Podcast we know that to be silent is to be complicit. Black lives matter. So, as the messiest film/tv podcast you have never heard of, we wanted to dedicate this episode to appreciate excellent Black films and performances. Join us as we talk about 1965’s ‘A Patch of Blue’ starring Academy Award winner Sidney Poitier (0:03:15), the 2018 excellent adaptation of James Baldwin’s ‘If Beale Street Could Talk’ (0:22:00) , Spike Lee’s ‘Malcolm X’ (he inspired Magneto never forget it)(0:40:15) and finally, Spike’s iconic 1989 film (which clearly has not aged at all) ‘Do the Right Thing’ (0:54:20). Below are some important links to petitions to sign and places to donate so that we can all be part of the change! PETITION JUSTICE FOR GEORGE FLOYD: GEORGE FLOYD MEMORIAL FUND: BLACK LIVES MATTER RESOURCES & INFORMATION:

Henry Cavill Will Return as the Man of Steel; Where We Can Expect His Return

It was no secret that Henry Cavill has had an odd relationship with Warner studios and the infamous Snyder Cut; He refused to appear for the cameo in Shazam and was the only cast member to not promote #ReleasetheSnyderCut back in November (which is the reason we’re getting it). Despite the sketchiness there is word that Cavill is inches away from finalizing a deal to keep the Superman role. This information comes about a week after getting official news of the Snyder Cut’s HBOMax release. So, does this mean we are set for Man of Steel 2? Not so fast. A: Justice League: At this time we know that the Snyder Cut of Justice League will be dropping on HBOMax some time in 2021. There is no doubt that the main cast will be back for further scene work and this will be a good opportunity to boost Cavill’s platform in the role. Of course, there is the risk that this ends up being another Batman v Superman but we’ll cross that bridge when we …

Episode 60 – A Pod Far Far Away

We did it folks, episode 60! Quite the accomplishment considering we were very convinced this would last only a month at inception. Join us as we celebrate the 40th anniversary of “Empire Strikes Back” with (yet another) sloppy discussion of the Star Wars franchise. Join us as we tackle topics like why Darth Vader ain’t shit, why adults pushing 40 should still see the animated Clone Wars series targeted for kids, and the future of the franchise at Disney+. Lastly, the Snyder Cut is a go at HBOMax, (01:04:38) so course we wrap with our two cents on that.

Forty Years of Yoda; Lessons Learned From the Master Jedi

Today marks forty years since The Empire Strikes Back released in theaters. It was the film that revealed Darth Vader as Luke’s father, the film that gave us Hoth, the beautiful drink of water Lando Calrissian, and my favorite Star Wars character- Yoda. I thought what a better way to express some love for the character than to reflect on some of his greatest quotes/lessons throughout the franchise. 1: “Do. Or do not. There is no try.“- One of Yoda’s most famous quotes right from ESB. Straight to the point and a quote that has been heard time and time again from all levels of fans. It’s a dagger of a reminder that there is no in between; we either commit entirely to our pursuits and we either succeed or we fail. Often the word “try” is insidiously placed in the package of excuse. It’s a call to maturity in understanding that one needs to own their decisions and give something the entirety of their efforts. 2: “Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. …

Snyder Cut on the Way; Future of the DCEU

Well I’ll be damned. The fans have done it! Three years after the theatrical release of Justice League it has been officially confirmed that the Snyder Cut WILL release on HBOMax in 2021. Besides the pleasure of getting to see the director’s original vision I’m filled with questions about the future; what does this mean for the DCEU? 1: Is the DCEU revived?: We remember that not too long ago, at San Diego Comic Con, the DCEU was officially replaced by the’ Worlds of DC.’ This was the official ending of the shared universe in order to approach more singular story experiences. Hm. Alright. This was primarily done because of the perceived failure of Zack Snyder’s creation. The thing is despite the enthusiasm for the Synder Cut over the last few years those mixed feelings still ring true; an overwhelming amount of audience goers didn’t vibe with his vision. Though what has changed over the course of this movement is the rise of streaming services. The launch of HBOMax and the translation of what is perceived …

Episode 58 – Futurology

We’re back on the couch and at this point, we have assumed that there is going to be some sort of hiatus between every episode since we have no idea what we are doing! Anyway, on this installment of the 17 Waverly Podcast we are here going into a deep discussion into Steven Spielberg’s ‘Back to the Future’ trilogy. We start the episode dissecting the 3 movies and our favorite characters/moments, then we get into a time travel style conversation and even ask what moments in time we would go back and change. We then round off our episode with some recommendations of movies like ‘Snowpiercer’, ‘Free Solo’, and ‘Ex-Machina’. All that and much more, so come join us!

The Sopranos: Long Term Parking (5×12) THAT Death

As I binge watch The Sopranos there have been many episodes in the series that have made me dabble with the idea of writing some kind of review or article. For the most part my lazy bone has won and I decide to just enjoy the ride… Yeah, that all changed several hours ago when I arrived on Season 5 Episode 12, “Long Term Parking.” By the end of it there was no doubt in my mind that what I had just witnessed was likely one of the most iconic of the series, and probably one of the most iconic television reveals during the shows run. As I filled with all kinds of emotions one thing was clear- I had to write something.  She was one of my favorite characters in the series! From the moment the FBI latched onto her I knew the possibility of her death was very real (I mean how can we ever forget what happened to Big P***Y). Yet it’s the delivery and sequence of events that make it haunting …

Originals Coming to HBOMax

HBOMax is set to launch on May 27th! Along with a long list of Warner/HBO content from previous decades being added to the service there will of course be some original content at launch and more set to release in the coming months. Disney+ has served as a great example that despite how rich and thick your library of content is, the real hook for streaming lies in the original content. I won’t get into everything, but I wanted to highlight some of what we can expect. 1: Looney Tunes: The classic characters are back for streaming. We will be getting, at launch, eighty original eleven-minute episodes focused around the toons. That’s over FOURTEEN hours of new content. What can I say? I grew up going to bed watching this stuff. Of course I’m going to watch. 2: Elmo Talk Show: Alright…alright! Not for me but can certainly be something for younger audiences to watch as the new streaming service launches! 3: Love Life: The eight episode first season will be lead by Anna Kendrick. I …