Author: Rommel RB

Episode 74 – PODMA

Welcome back folks! The boys are back on the couch for this weeks installment of the 17 Waverly Pod! Join us as this week we are dedicating the episode to Kevin Smith the writer, director, comic fan, and NJ lover! The 3 movies we chose and discussed are ‘Mallrats’ (1995) @ (0:05:35), ‘Chasing Amy’ (1997) @ (0:24:40), and finally ‘Dogma’ (1999) @ (0:47:20). Come hit the couch with us as we break these movies down and discuss much more! COUCH POTATO SCORES (Out of 10): Mallrats: Rom – 7, Angelo – 7, Gab – 6 Chasing Amy: Rom – 8, Angelo – 8, Gab – 8 Dogma: Rom – 7, Angelo – 8, Gab – 7 Listen here: You can also stream the episode on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Google Podcasts.

Episode 71 – The 17 Waverly Cut

As this week marks the first ever DC Fandome we decided to dedicate this episode to all things Zack Snyder. Join us as we discuss ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice’ (2016) @ (0:08:00), ‘Watchmen’ (2009) @ (0:28:15) and ‘Sucker Punch’ (2011) @ (0:51:15). We also get into a quick discussion about the first episode of HBO’s new show ‘Lovecraft Country’ (1:11:15) and so much more! COUCH POTATO SCORES (Out of 10): Batman v Superman: Rom – 8, Angelo – 6, Gab – 8 Watchmen: Rom – 4, Angelo – 6, Gab – 5 Sucker Punch: Rom – 4, Angelo – 7, Gab – 5 You can also stream the episode on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Google Podcasts.

Episode 63 – The Gaypisode Deux

Welcome back to the couch! As it is pride month we decided to, you guessed it, have our Gaypisode part deux! This week we’re taking a look at the Disney+ animated short, “Out” (0:03:50), the French film “Portrait of a Lady on Fire” (0:17:00), the 1970s film adaptation of “The Boys in the Band” (0:37:30), and lastly, trying our best to end on a light note,  we talk about  the hilarious “Bird Cage” (01:06:20) starring Robin Williams (RIP) and Nathan Lane. Download the episode: Stream the episode on Spotify below, Apple Podcasts, or Google Podcasts.

Art Spotlight – Obi Arisukwu

For this installment of art spotlight, I’m here to highlight an artist that I have been following for quite some time, Obi Arisukwu (a.k.a Obi Aris). I took notice of his work when I was browsing through instagram and stumbled across an awesome illustration he did of Marvel villain Thanos in a Coogi sweater, a nod to Biggie. I scrolled through more of his work and of course immediately hit the follow button. His work on prominent movie/tv characters, to comic heroes, and famous musicians like ‘Queen Bey’ has gained him a solid following. What caught my attention was not only the great detail in his illustration but the style which seems almost Disney and comic-esque. He has ability to create a portrait of Jay-Z and make it look like he’s about to go toe to toe with Gastón. Another great thing about Obi is he will post pictures or videos of his rough drafts before he lays down the final layers, giving us a glimpse of his creative process. I have included some of …

Episode 42 – Our POD-iversary

My oh my we’ve made it to a YEAR on the 17 Waverly Podcast! One whole year of talking crap, spoiling the hell out of stuff, giving you all awful movie/television takes, and completely disrespecting each other. On this episode we take it back to our roots as we sit down to watch ‘The Little Rascals’ and discuss a bunch of random things. Amongst the things we talk about are; M Night Shyamalan’s career decline, streaming service changing our tv viewing, review Ep. 1 of ‘His Dark Material’, and much much more!

Streaming Service Wars: Taking Down Netflix

A long time ago, in a prosperous cable tv industry far far away… Netflix video streaming was born, and thus, the streaming service war began. Before we get into that however, lets see how we got there. Since 1948, when cable first started broadcasting on televisions across multiple states, we’ve all been immersed in its glory. Over the following few decades, many major networks came to life. By 1998, there were about 171 different cable networks for us to choose from. Looking back, life was probably good for the cable companies around the early 2000s. They were making billions of dollars and consumers had hundreds of channel options, not to mention, great quality content. Enter Netflix. Around 1998 when cable providers were innovating by introducing cable & internet broadband services, Netflix went live with their online DVD rental service. For the next few years they quietly gained subscribers and by 2003 they had hit 1 million users while simultaneously receiving big bucks from investors. Below is a short timeline of the major events that came …

Art Spotlight – Miles Teves

Today’s art spotlight focuses on illustrator and sculptor Miles Teves, who works in the seemingly under appreciated field of special FX sculpting (among other things). When first coming across his site and seeing his work, you immediately notice the pure talent he has for bringing fantasy creatures to life. Having started his career in Los Angeles around 1984, he was working right through the heart of the Star Wars era of film. An era where out of this world fantasy monsters, robots, and creatures were taking over cinema and the hearts of millions. Below are a few of his pieces, from his first one while working for the movie ‘LEGEND’ in 1984, to his more recent work creating concept art for movies like ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and ‘Iron Man’. Perhaps our favorite thing about him though, is that he was the one who created the iconic and hilarious ‘nipple’ costumes for one of 17 Waverly Podcasts favorite movies, ‘Batman and Robin’. Check him out below and visit his site for more about him at …

Art Spotlight – Xi Ding

Caricature art is something that’s always intriguing, as it can be done so quickly and so effectively depending on the artist. For this weeks Art Spotlight, we would love to showcase the work of award-winning Caricature artist, Xi Ding based in Austria. Not only is he spectacular at getting the details and features of those that he is drawing, but he does it at an incredible speed. According to his website, he can draw caricatures for up to 120 people throughout the course of one evening event! That’s serious skill. What drew our attention to him though, was his work on characters from popular movies and television shows. Check out his website here, and some of our favorite pieces below!

Art Spotlight – Ben F Jeffery

It’s always important to showcase those that have incredible talents because it’ll always help others feel inspired to create on their own. In our first ever 17 Waverly Podcast: Art Spotlight, we wanted to show our audience an artist that not only creates great work, but is also a big film and sci-fi fan. I stumbled upon this artist, Ben Jeffery, on instagram and immediately was in awe of all of his work. Using primarily acrylic and oil, he creates these stunning pieces with vivid colors and depth. As fans of many of the films and televisions shows he has created inspired pieces from, I’d love to showcase a few of our favorite ones below. Check out his website and instagram and make sure to support his work.