Month: April 2020

The Pod Appreciates: Tiger King

Welcome everyone for another seemingly RARE installment of ‘The Pod Appreciates’ series here at the 17 Waverly Podcast! We have decided that this episode will focus on the very popular Netflix doc-series titled ‘Tiger King’. Join us as we break down the show by each episode and try to discuss each insane plot twist as it happens in order. Do we think Joe Exotic is a good guy? Did Carole Baskin kill her husband? Who should play these characters in a movie? We discuss all that and more!

Episode 57 – The Temple of Corona

What day is it? What time is it? Who knows at this point, all we know is that its time hang out on the couch for an hour and chill w us here at the 17 Waverly Pod. This week we discuss a bunch of random things as we watch the movie ‘Deep Impact’. We start by revisiting the classic ‘Indiana Jones’ movies (00:11.30), we then discussed the need for Hollywood to bring back movies with a rag tag kid cast (00:18:00), movie theaters dying and our ideas for saving them (00:43:30), and much more! 

First Images of ‘DUNE’ Surface

Do you miss Game of Thrones (when it was good)? Do you miss Star Wars? Do you have no idea what the F*** Dune is? Well gather around because we have some stuff to talk to about! What is it?: Dune is the OG sci-fi story written by author Frank Herbert and published back in 1965. It follows the young Paul of House Atreides (yes, there’s some house drama in this as well) as he and his family are relocated to the desert planet of Arrakis to oversee the mining efforts of an invaluable commodity known as the spice melange. The issue? This planet is DRY, infested with giant sand-worms that guard the spice deposits, inhabited by a (potentially?) hostile  warrior civilization known as the Freman, and oh, yes, the whole thing is likely a plot to have Paul and his family killed. Yes, this s*** is a setup. What seems like a spoiler for the book is actually just a very basic layout of where the story picks up. In truth the over 800 …

Matt Reeves’ ‘The Batman’ Delayed- But You Can Enjoy the Story Now

It seems every day we are learning of more anticipated projects being pushed back due to COVID-19. New to the list is Matt Reeves’ The Batman which has now been set for October 2021. Ha. F*** me. Along with the announcement came the word from the films creative camp that the October shift almost “suits the mood” of the movie… Alright. Enough bulls***. This thing is CLEARLY going to adapt Jeph Loeb’s iconic, The Long Halloween. What is that you ask? Only one of THE greatest Batman stories ever written! Yes, we are going to have to wait a bit longer to see the film, but while you’re locked inside you can experience the story right now! Here are some clues that we’ve received so far of the film’s likelihood being an adaptation of the tale as well as some elements that make it so fantastic. 1: The Art of Tim Sale: I can be a bit of a diva when it comes to my comics. I know there are many stories that are worshiped in …

Episode 56 – The Quarantine Pod

So take a pinch of our usual inconsistency and a gallon of pandemic and you have our most recent excuse for the hiatus! However, we are finally back on the couch in the midst of this nonsense to do our best to provide an hour of distraction – and fail. Join us as we panic with you about this virus, discuss a few of our favorite apocalypse films (0:26:30), the hilarious Netflix reality show ‘the Circle’ (0:43:00), Disney’s ‘Onward’ review (0:51:45), and then closing with a few recommendations for what to watch while you are all stuck at home! Joins us for all that and much more!