Month: February 2020

Episode 55 – Love Is NOT Blind

The gang is back and we are on the couch for episode 55 of the 17 Waverly Podcast! In today’s episode we give a deep and thorough discussion into the new Netflix reality show ‘Love is Blind’. We spend the majority of our time this week discussing each couple from the show, what makes them insane/hilarious, and finally our predictions for how they will end up by the reunion show. We finish this week’s episode by giving our thoughts on the recent images that leaked of the new Batman suit from the upcoming Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson. Come join us on the couch, you wont regret it!

Episode 54 – The Love Pod

Welcome all you lovebirds to the LOVE pod! Valentine’s Day was recently so we decided that in honor of the holiday we would have a special episode all about ‘Amor’. We are on the couch as per usual and we are watching one of our favorite romantic comedies, ‘The Wedding Singer’. In today’s episode we get into what our favorite rom-coms are and who we think are the g.o.a.t. rom-com actors. We then spend the rest of the episode getting into our romance bag and discussing relationships and much more! 

Episode 53 – The Golden Beer

Welcome back to the couch folks! We are watching the CLASSIC ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971)’ and breaking down the Academy Awards that recently took place (0:10:50). We discuss award winners (big night for Parasite), losers and even some of the speeches. We then get into a good breakdown of all of this years Razzie nominees (0:43:45) and then a review of a new Apple TV+ show called ‘Little America’ (0:50:50). We close the show by getting in our gossip bag and discussing the recent drama surrounding Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp (1:04:30), all that and much more!

Episode 52 – Let’s Play A Game

Another week and another episode! Join us this week as we discuss the final Oscar nominee (we could get to since we ran out of time) Sam Mendes’ ‘1917′ (0:08:00). Also, though it’s quite literally been THREE months since the damn thing hit theaters, stick around as Fico and Rom gives their extremely overdue thoughts on ‘Knives Out’ (0:28:40). We then review the beginning few episodes of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ and ‘Avenue 5′ on HBO, as well as some new trailers that dropped this week. Of course we couldn’t wrap up the show without touching on the Super Bowl Halftime show (1:03:50). All that and much more!

‘Birds of Prey’ SPOILER Review

After letting dust collect on this site for weeks I am finally back! This past Friday we had the release of DC’s latest installment in their cinematic universe (is it still a universe?), Birds of Prey. Though this movie opened at number one this weekend it did so with a lower then expected box office of $33.3 Million. Yikes. Despite low turnout was it any good? Let’s get into the good and the bad. THE GOOD Black Canary: This has been brought up in just about every review I’ve encountered so far; Jurnee Smollett-Bell is excellent in this role. It should be mentioned that it is a small one, more on that below, but what she did get to do with it was phenomenal. I would have liked to see her use the canary cry more than once though. I understand they wanted to build up to that single use to give it more weight in the scene, but come on. This is Black Canary. Yes, she’s a character that doesn’t need her power to …