Month: October 2019

Episode 41 – The Halloween Pod

Come one, come all! Come hang out with us, a few ghouls, here on our haunted couch for our first annual Halloween podcast episode. Today we are watching and dissecting the hit horror movie ‘Scream’. While we watch and break down the movie, we discuss some of our favorite Halloween things like the best and worst trick or treat candies @ 0:22:00, and our favorite horror/halloween themed movies @ 0:57:00. All of that and much more creepy stuff!

Episode 40 – Snakes On A Podcast

Welcome back for the season 5 premier of the 17 Waverly Pod! We are here, we are ready to rock, and we are watching ‘Snakes On A Plane‘. Today we discuss the final ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi‘ trailer @ 0:07:40, the finale of HBO’s ‘Righteous Gemstones‘ @ 0:26:45, and then we discuss the first episode of HBO’s ‘WATCHMEN‘ @ 0:40:45. Come joins us on the couch for that and much more!

Episode 39 – The Nightmare Before Halloween

The boys are here and we are watching and discussing a Halloween classic ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’. Come join us on the couch as we watch and discuss a bunch of stuff like our top 5 Tim Burton movies @ 0:08:30, AMC strategy killing theaters @ 0:33:35, and then we reminisce on old cartoons we all used to watch @ 0:47:15. All that and much more!

Episode 38 – Poor Jared

The episode we’ve been waiting months for is finally here! Welcome back to the couch folks where we’re chillin, watching some TV as per usual. In today’s episode we start by discussing the recently launched All Elite Wrestling weekly show @ 0:03:30 and what it means for the WWE. We then spend what feels like forever discussing Todd Phillips ‘JOKER’ @ 0:12:00 which came out last week and has brought up many discussion topics. Come join us for that and much more!

‘Powers of X’ Finale SPOILERS: What Does it Mean for the Future?

Tomorrow is the release of Powers of X #6 and the 12th and final installment in Jonathan Hickman’s prologue to the Dawn of X.  I have had a chance to read some pages as well learn the big twist! Therefore, what follows absolutely contains SPOILERS. I want to talk about the reveals and do an overall analysis of what we might be able to expect in the Hickman era of mutants. The Sixth Life of Moira X: We have finally learned what is going on in X^3, and I admit I feel dumb for not noticing. The truth was staring us all in the face. The Librarian and the other blue people that surround this character are NOT mutants. They are humans, and even more so, they’re the actual next state in human evolution-homo navissima.  We find that the Librarian knows ascension is comng soon and he wishes to speak with Moira to see if she could, in a different life, stop the events from occurring. How is Moira still alive this far in the …

‘Infinity Saga’ Box Set Costs WHAT?!

When the box set for the Infinity Saga was originally announced I too was yelling, “take my money!” However, with the reveal of the set also comes the reveal of the HEFTY price. The collection that includes all twenty-three (yes, including Hulk) films has a $550 price tag; that’s INSANE. Even if each film alone was marketed at $20 (average for a blu ray) this thing should be around the $460 range. Yes, it’s a pretty set and I appreciate the bindings making a cool visual for display, but I just find that amount to be ridiculously not worth it. We should also remember, that all twenty-three films will be available for streaming on the upcoming Disney+ platform that is set to drop next month. Thanks Feige, but no thanks.  

Does Todd Phillips’ ‘JOKER’ Owe Audiences a Sequel?

Though Todd Phillips has gone on record to say that his JOKER is a complete stand-alone/one-and-done film, fans might find it difficult to accept considering the insane success the movie has had at the weekend box office. The film has officially broken October box office records (dethroning last years Venom) with $93.5 million domestically and $234 million worldwide. WOW. Who said a comic book movie has to be colorful to be successful…? Now, is there enough there to build on? Oh YES. Perfect Foundation for Gotham: I understand the end of the movie is meant to create uncertainty over what in the movie was real and what was lies created by the demented mind of Arthur Fleck. We get confirmation that he made up his relationship with Sophie (that was obvious from the beginning), but his session at the end of the film makes one wonder if he was trying to insert himself into the birth of Batman (yet that would insinuate that he knows who Batman is, and we know he doesn’t nor cares to know) …

‘TITANS’ S2E05: ‘Deathstroke’ SPOILER Review

Oh boy! It really feels like these episodes are getting better and better with every week! Let’s talk about the good and the bad from this week’s Titans. THE GOOD Deathstroke- The arrowverse may have it’s own Slade Wilson, but THIS guy right here is THE Deathstroke. My GOD DC Universe has done such a good job at bringing this character to life; his calm yet chilling speech, his tactics, his ruthlessness, and his determination are just spot-on. As fans of the Titans we know that there was no way Slade was teaming up with Dr. Light because he actually respected or admired him. He was clearly just trying to use him as trigger bait for the team, and once he wasn’t willing to fall in line to Slade’s wishes-BAM. Light’s out (yes, I did that). Light and Aqualad were minor characters in the frame of the show, but they are pretty big deals within the Titans property. Their deaths have only further established to me that anyone here is fair game. At least, that’s …

“Joker” SPOILER Review

Just got out of Todd Phillips’ Joker…Guys, honestly, this is a tough review. I can’t recall the last time I’ve had to review something that was so parallel to real issues. As I write this I know I’m going to be marinating the idea of “art vs. zeitgeist”; does the former influence the latter or vice versa.  THAT being said…Let’s get this over with. THE GOOD  Phoenix: Does Phoenix deliver as the Joker? Yes. For what little time we got to see him. I might have mentioned that something I detest about some comic book films, especially origins, is the tactic of reserving the reveal of the character (or final transformation) for the third act; sometimes even the very end of the third act. This movie seems to do that with Joker. What Phoenix portrays for the majority of the movie is a mentally ill man who never really had a chance to make anything of his life. From the very opening of the movie we get a man being beat down (literally and figuratively), and …