Month: March 2019

Episode 19 – M Night Shazamalon

Sup everyone! We are here and we got some good conversation for you today. We’re watching ‘Naked and Afraid’ and getting ourselves into the reviews of the highly anticipated movies ‘Us’ and ‘Shazam!’. We were able to get an early screening of Shazam so we go into the without trying to spoil too much. We got all that and much more, so get comfortable.

Episode 18 – One Captain At A time

Welcome, welcome all. The couch crew is here again and we’ve got a good review for you today. We are watching ‘Leprechaun: Returns’ and discussing the latest in TV and Movies. In today’s episode, we give y’all a lengthy review of ‘Captain Marvel’ as well as a good dissection of the recent trailers to drop, like ‘Avengers: Endgame’ and ‘Aladdin’. Join us for all that and more!

Episode 17 – MJ and 2 Identical Strangers

Welcome back to our couch and boy, are you in for an interesting discussion. We are watching ‘Pretty Woman’ and then get right into our thoughts on the ‘3 Identical Strangers’ documentary. We then get into the heavy topic of discussing the HBO documentary ‘Leaving Neverland’ until we end it by commenting on the Tristan Thompson and Jordyn versus Kardashian/Jenner issues and more!