Year: 2019

‘Star Wars’ and the Love That Could Have Been

*****WARNING****** THE FOLLOWING CONTAINS SPOILERS FROM THE RISE OF SKYWALKER Now that the final film in the trilogy, and the entire Skywalker Saga, has released I want to rant ONE LAST TIME about the love that a small group of us hoped for, but alas, was not to be; Finn and Poe. (queue endless grunts and loud “shut the F*** up”s from the back) I know, I know there is no point in really diving into it as it is now impossible for such a thing to exist in the Star Wars canon! However, I did want to get off my chest just why it could have worked and how the choices that did make the cut were completely flat. One was Saved/One was Given a Name: We open this trilogy with Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) as he is seeking the whereabouts of Luke Skywalker. On Jakku he is ambushed by Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) and the First Order where we also meet a conflicted FN-2187 (John Boyega). Ultimately, Poe is taken hostage and FN-2187, after …

‘Dawn of X’ Titles Ranking

We are approaching the end of the year and have received our LAST installments for the six ongoing Dawn of X titles launched since the conclusion of Jonathan Hickman’s (iconic) House of X and Powers of X. As the twelve part mini-series revived my hope in the franchise, I have been tuning in every Wednesday to get my mutant fix. I thought it would be a good time, now that we’re done with new X-books for the year, to rank the six titles from best to worst! Here we go. 1: X-Force: I admit I wasn’t looking forward to this book when it was announced. I was never really an X-Force fan. I couldn’t get on board with the vibe. However, no other book of the six titles that have launched seems to carry-on the aesthetic and themes from HOX/POX as much as this book does. I appreciate what Benjamin Percy has done with the first four issues. I admit, Xavier’s death sparked a very loud, “al-F****-ready?!” but I think they landed that plane really …

‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ SPOILER Review

Well, as Lloyd Christmas once said, “I HATE GOODBYES!” Yet, it’s time to do so with this trilogy. The guys and I had our chance to see the film so here is the review of the FINAL (unless it makes over a billion dollars; it’s Disney, who are we F******* kidding) Skywalker Saga film. THE GOOD There’s More of Us: I’m not a big fan of this film, but this is a moment that will go down in Star Wars history for me. In the face of hopelessness, as Poe is ready to give up because there are just “too many of them,” to have Lando come on and remind him that “there are more of us,” just broke my f**** heart. It’s magic moments like that that we go to the movies.  Third Act: Ben coming to help Rey, fighting the Knights of Ren, the fleet attack, Rey using Leia’s lightsaber, and fearing for everyone’s f****** life was great. If you’re movie isn’t good, but you can still pull off a decent third act, you …

Why the Star Wars Prequels are Worthy

Well, we are just a week away from the release of Episode IX, The Rise of Skywalker. Will the film stick the landing for the trilogy? Will it bring the nine film (forty year) saga to a just and respectable conclusion? Who F**** knows! I have my thoughts, but I will hold back until I’ve had a chance to see the film. For now I want to dive into the trilogy I had the privilege to grow up with and believe deserves more respect than it gets. Yes- the prequels. Were they perfect? F*** no! Yet there was so much about these films that earned more than just our tolerance for their existence. The Music John Williams is the composer of ALL nine Star Wars films, and despite how some might think the quality of story dipped with the prequels, the talent and investment of Williams certainly did not.  Episode I gave us the EPIC “Duel of Fates” which played as the two jedi faced off against fan-boy favorite Darth Maul, the Queen lead her forces …

Episode 45 – The Lie Algorithm

Ah yes, just when you think we are gone for good, we come right back. Welcome back everyone, we are back on the couch after our millionth hiatus. We have a lot to discuss today starting with the finale of HBO’s Silicon Valley (0:05:30) and then we dive into our review of the ‘The Irishman’ on Netflix (0:17:30). We round out the episode discussing the latest episodes of ‘Watchmen’, ‘SEE’, ‘Servant’ and ‘The Mandalorian’. Come join us on for all that and much more sprinkled in.

Episode 44 – Couch Angels

Welcome back friends, come join us on the couch as we are watching our favorite version of ‘Charlie’s Angels’, the 2000’s version. While we watch, we discuss the new Elizabeth Banks version of Charlie’s Angels and her comments about it’s poor box office results (@ 0:12:30). We then get into a long discussion about the latest happens in the DCEU including a possible ‘JOKER’ sequel, #ReleaseTheSnyderCut, and predicting Todd Phillips doing a Lex Luthor origin movie (@ 0:30:00). We finish the episode giving our thoughts on the latest episodes of ‘Watchmen’, ‘Mandalorian’, ‘The Morning Show’ and much much more!

Episode 43 – Streaming Wars Round One

Welcome back folks! We’ve got an action packed episode lined up for you all! Join us on the couch this week as we dive right into the beginning of the major stage of the streaming wars. Today we start by reviewing Disney+ new shows, like ‘The Mandalorian’, and content their content library @0:02:45. We then get into our thoughts on Apple TV+ as we review their new original shows like ‘SEE’ and ‘ The Morning Show’ @0:33:30. We finish off with more important TV/Movie news and much more!

Episode 42 – Our POD-iversary

My oh my we’ve made it to a YEAR on the 17 Waverly Podcast! One whole year of talking crap, spoiling the hell out of stuff, giving you all awful movie/television takes, and completely disrespecting each other. On this episode we take it back to our roots as we sit down to watch ‘The Little Rascals’ and discuss a bunch of random things. Amongst the things we talk about are; M Night Shyamalan’s career decline, streaming service changing our tv viewing, review Ep. 1 of ‘His Dark Material’, and much much more!

Episode 41 – The Halloween Pod

Come one, come all! Come hang out with us, a few ghouls, here on our haunted couch for our first annual Halloween podcast episode. Today we are watching and dissecting the hit horror movie ‘Scream’. While we watch and break down the movie, we discuss some of our favorite Halloween things like the best and worst trick or treat candies @ 0:22:00, and our favorite horror/halloween themed movies @ 0:57:00. All of that and much more creepy stuff!